Our Story

Right Here, Write Now! opens with a group of friends, preparing on their graduation day. Through upbeat and high-energy numbers, they excitedly share the stories that have brought them to this very moment. One of the graduates, in eager anticipation of the next chapter of her life, struggles in finding her own story, unsure how to piece together a compelling story worth telling. After listening to the interweaving tales of friendship, life, family, and love, our main character discovers the power to write her own story through the stories of her loved ones.  The entire musical runs against a background of music that will move your feet and your hearts as our graduates take us on a heartwarming journey through the pages of their adventures, leading up to their commencement… and ours.

Why Right Here, Write Now!?

Everyone has a story to tell. Every story has a lesson to be learned. And with each lesson learned,  if we are in tune with the author of life, we are given the opportunity to create new stories.

No matter where we stand today, it doesn’t mean that we’re stuck; every day is a new beginning. You can always choose to write your story.

Our stories are intertwined with each other; they are what connect us. And at the end of the day, despite where we’ve been, all our stories have brought us to share this moment, right here, and right now.

Cast and Creative